Uncle Brasil’s Visit from Rio de Janeiro


Yoo-hoo! It’s Hazel, the squirrel, again. Have I got news for you! Yesterday, my uncle, Brasil, scurried off a rail car that came all the way from Rio de Janeiro. That’s in South America. Then, he stopped in for a visit.

He told me and my brothers how it never gets cold in Rio, as he calls it, and how people have a good time there all the time. He danced the samba and bossa nova with my mother. He even showed me how to do the sertanejo. I love that dance. It makes my grin inside just thinking about it. Uncle says I’m pretty good at it too!

Dançar, that’s what he says they call dance where he’s from. They speak this language called Portuguese there and have a big party called mardi gras every year. They have the most wonderful foods. It sounds fascinating!

He brought all sorts of trinkets; a rainbow array of beautiful colored necklaces for me and tons of sweets for my brothers. They were dancing a jig left, right, and upside down with all that sugar. They even danced the sertanejo with me once they slowed down enough for me to teach them. It was a great time.

Mother made some of her special acorn broth for supper. Uncle Brasil let us share some bread he brought from Rio. Wow! Did we have a feast!

After dinner though, my uncle had to scoot. He said he was in the middle of a search for a rare kind of nut he hoped to bring back to Rio and grow there. He’s so luck to travel like that.

One day when I’m older I’m going to visit him in South America and meet all my cousins there. Until then, Mother says I’ll just have to dream about it. What dreams I have though?! I can’t wait to go.

Toodle ooddles for now! Or as my uncle likes to say in Portuguese, adeus.



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